Guaranteed To DOUBLE Your Online Visiblity!
We offer a full array of white hat SEO services to our clientele.
 Retail Value 
Reporting & Monitoring    
Website Visibility Report  $       49.99 Highlights your website's online visibility on a <<weekly | monthly>> basis.
Website SEO Report Card (onsite)  $     249.00 Reveals weaknesses in current SEO strategies and offers suggestions for improvement.
Analytics Installation & Management  $     149.00 Professional upload, monitoring and maintenance of analytical software.
Keyword Rank Monitoring - 1 year  $       99.00 Reviews your online claim for your company's keywords.
Activity Submission Support  $       99.00 Offers…
Mobile On The Go    
Mobile Compatibility Review  $     195.00 Detects inconsistencies between mobile devices and your website so that you don't lose potential customers.
Mobile Directory Submission  $     295.00 ???
Reviews, Referrals & Reputation    
30 Days Reputation/Reviews Monitoring  $     295.00 Alerts your company to positive and negative reviews available to your potential clients.
Collect referrals from happy customers  $     595.00 Simple easy to use system thanks your clients and asks for referrals 100% autopilot!
Core Peripherals    
UBL  $       75.00 Powerful business listing for global exposure and increased site authority.
Citations  $     595.00 Extended listings support UBL and provide natural backlinks to your website.
Search Engine Submission  $     499.00 "Introduces" your website to global search engines.
Directories Submission  $     899.00 Creates targeted listings to make your company easier for your customers to find online.
Manual Linking on white hat high pr sites  $     250.00 Lasting links to relevant content will add more authority to your webpage.
Manual Linking on white hat web 2.0 sites  $     250.00 Creates a natural flow to your website and adds credibility to your content.
RSS Submissions  $       30.00 Provides monitoring feeds and additional syndication services.
Market Expansion Numbers  $       99.00 Project specific
Going Social!    
Social Anchors  $ 1,395.00 Professionally optimized social media platforms create a web of targeted social signals.
Social Bookmarking  $     125.00 Powers your website with organizational tags referencing your entire network.
Social Signals   $     345.00 Fresh, shareable social media content boosts your company's online presence and persona.
Wikis  $       45.00 Optimized content from multiple sources sends dynamic signals to your site to create an online "buzz" about your business.
Content Is King    
Press Releases  $     335.00 Keyword optimized news stories fuel your website with interested readers and authority resources.
Articles  $     275.00 Interesting, original content enriched with keywords powers your site and informs your potential customers about your business offerings.
Questions  $     125.00 Intriguing questions about your business generate even more of a social buzz about your company.
Classifieds  $     125.00 Professional ads direct new customers--and more white hat links--to your website.
Document & Flyer Distribution  $       25.00 Systematic submission of keyword rich content to powerful distribution sites gets your content in front of your potential audience no matter where they look.
Content Syndication  $       75.00 Widespread publishing of content with high keyword densities helps you stake your claim on your keywords.
Local Marketing    
Google Places & Google Plus1 for business  $     295.00 Professional pages drive customers to your front door and extend the reach of your content.
Local Power Listings  $     495.00 Targeted local listings ensure your community can--and will--find YOU.
Local Power Offers  $     195.00 Tantilizing offers distributed to your community to increase your reach within your local market.
Exclusive Services    
Power KW Blogging  $ 1,495.00 This interconnected blogging system is optimized with your targeted keywords to focus a spotlight on your website.
Coupons & Special Offers  $     100.00 Promotes your site with irresistable special deals that encourage customers to visit your website--and your place of business.
Video Progress    
Video  $     995.00 Visually stunning video trailers advertise your business and engage your audience.
YouTube  $     100.00 ???
TOTAL VALUE  $    11,267.99